About - Gaspri Atelier

Traditional Ways - New People

Jewelry was a family tradition that I wanted to continue in old traditional ways at the same time adding a touch of new age. 
All our handcrafts vary from simple variations of beading all the way to much more complicated filigree creations.
One of my wishes was to continue handcraft tradition parallel to new techniques that are being used these days including computers, model making robots and similar.
I believe that each handcrafted jewelry has a personal touch that these new technologies cannot produce.
The most important part about our work is that our creations are unique, and our customers can wear them with pride that only those individuals would possess that particular piece of jewelry.
We can also work with our customers on personal customization of jewelry based on different occasions or preferences.

Our story continues……

As me and my family members were looking to continue the tradition of filigree jewelry making, we suddenly had another epiphany!!! We realized that as we were creating our own jewelry art and working with family vintage jewelry pieces, we started stumbling among some other vintage jewelry that we could not take credit for, however we felt that we should give these other beautiful pieces of art a continuation of “life” and give vintage lovers the opportunity to own them. Therefore, we created a “vintage corner”. This corner will reflect different findings throughout our journey of preserving the art of jewelry and handcraft.
Finally, as the culmination of our journey on preserving and presenting the art of handcraft we realized that not all our potentials were used; my wife and sister were great in drawing and painting, so we realized that they needed to share their love of art in the “paintings corner”.
That is how from our previous store we expanded in our new Gaspri Atelier where love for art lives and will continue its journey in traditional ways with new people……… 

Our team is looking forward to continuing serving our communities with handcrafted designs that continue to preserve the art of craft.

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