As I stated before, when I started my journey into the world of handmade filigree jewelry as part of our family tradition, one of my main goals was to continue this art that is slowly being lost into the winds of history.  Fortunately, there are still great artists as you go toward the East starting from parts of western Europe, parts of former Yugoslavia especially Kosova and further towards East, however make no mistake most of these artists are the older generations that are slowly leaving us.  I am glad that couple of younger generations that I know from my family and my Godfathers family as well continue to work on this art and are not giving up, however time is faster, and it is catching up. As I continue the journey, recently I found, or should I say discovered some other vintage jewelry from my family side, like what I previously found from my wife’s family. These items are very special and unique as almost all the jewelry I have, however these items that are going to be presented in my shop need some minimal and at the same time detailed and delicate restoration that I need to work on. Be ready for our new Re-Designed Vintage Collection. Below you can see couple of pictures of some of our family’s old traditional work that we’ll meet new people with couple of new touches: