Welcome to our new line of jewelry called "Flower" collection!

For the last couple of months our team worked on handmade components that are going to be part of new jewelry line called "Flower" collection.  

There are going to be different variations on creating pieces of jewelry with these components. They come in 2 different sizes and 2 variations. 

Every piece is 100% handmade and it took lots of time and patience to create these unique pieces of jewelry components.  

If you look to purchase this type of components (from Thailand example) they are not handmade but rather casted. Even they are called filigree jewelry that doesn't mean that they are, other than they look like that. What happens is that these factories make one piece and then create a copy of it by casting it.  

I dragged with this explanation because many jewelry lovers sometimes don't understand the work behind a jewelry piece but rather look in the cheaper price. 

One thing is very important that casting vs handmade is a big difference. This comes from a bench jeweler that worked in an environment that produced casted elements and shaped them into extremely expensive jewelry creations. Even though lots of work is done even when casted pieces are combined it is just not the same. Too much machinery involved. 

I was recently in Boston shipyard museum and as an older ship model maker was explaining how the models are made a lady asked him "how much a model of the ship he was talking about would cost?" and this craftsman smiled and said; “First of all if you can find one to buy it would be very expensive. He further added that one of the reasons is because to build a model ship like that which was approximately 2 feet in length would take around 4 years. In the end he said that there are cheaper versions that look very shiny and are sold in one of the Boston stores for around $500-1000". 

The reason why I mentioned this is because I felt so related to this story because that is what I am trying to explain, the uniqueness of handmade vs. mass copied production.

Every piece of handmade jewelry is like a child you are bringing to life and shaping in a way to be unique. 

As I stated in my main page about us, every piece of our jewelry that we make has a soul on its own because it was created with love and lots of work from team which includes several family members. 

Now, back to our "Flower" collection; the variations on using these elements are infinite. Always feel free to reach out to me so we can start our conversation and collaboration of creating that special piece that you would like for a specific occasion, day to day or just because it is simply a creation that only you are going to own. 

Some of the "Flower" collection pieces you can see are below:

Adriatic Spring