I wanted to share with our customers a story of some of our families work through pictures.

Below you can see variations of artisan filigree jewelry that was 100% handmade with old and traditional techniques that unfortunately are slowly dissapering through the years.

These days it is all about CAD and 3D printers and precision through technology. 

Whats amazing is that the only technology used by traditional artisan jewelers through the decades were their hands, eyes and spirit. 

In the world of handcraft all the artifacts are made with love. I beleive that through the work of artist the piece of jewelry gets its "soul". 

I am saying this because for a short period of my life I worked with gold and cleaning casted elements, assembeld them in a very expensive piece of jewelry and it just didn't feel the same. When I make a piece of filigree jewelry from scratch either starting from a plain wire or silver sheet I beleive that, the piece of jewelry in process is slowly starting to get a "life" and the creativity behind it and the skill set needed to make that piece is just amazing.

The satisfaction that I get once the filigree pieces are made from the first time I touch the wire until the final product is created it is incomparable to what I felt when making the routinly expensive, gold casted jewelry products.

Without further talk see some of the pictures:

Bracelets - Vol 1

Bracelets - Vol 2

Bracelets - Vol 3

Mix Through History - Vol 2